Las Vegas, the name itself brings out cheers to one’s mind which has been famous for attraction of many kinds. Such attractions range from a casino house to dancing water fountains. Let us find most important places you should visit while you are in Las Vegas.

1. Fremont Screen Experience:

A brightly lit canopy built with more than 12.5 million LEDs enthralls visitors by showcasing color rich displays giving a feel of festival every hour. These regular shows are based on popular themes to empower minds of visitors with facts and stories. Lights and displays will take you with surprise and amaze you with their lively features.

2. Water Fountains at Bellagio:

$40 million project specifically made to amaze visitors with dancing water fountains. Effects are so precisely designed that water fountains seem to dance on songs by various artists. Till date, this is the best water fountain designed.

3. Wildlife habitat at Flamingos:

Wildlife habitat created at Flamingos is a worth watching. There are flocks of live Chilean Flamingos, ducks, koi and turtles too. The whole island is covered by shimmering waterfalls and lush foliage. At Las Vegas, views of such kinds soothes one’s mind.

4. Tallest and Fastest roller coaster in world:

Buffalo Bill’s Hotel and Casino’s roller coaster named Desperado provides a thrilling experience through world tallest fall which is 225 foot drop and fastest which is 80 mph. The whole rides completes in 2.43 minutes. Along the way on coaster there r many twists and turns that makes the ride even more enjoyable.

5. Insanity Ride at Stratosphere:

Insanity Ride at Stratosphere offers you the toughest ride in world. At 900 feet mechanical arms takes you 60 feet away from the tower and suspend you 70 degrees to ground, proscar online buy bending and giving you tallest look of Las Vegas. Wish you dare to see this view.

6. Magnificent botanical garden:

Botanical gardens in Las Vegas! Surprised? Unique collection of plants and flowers will keep you mesmerize. This sensational garden handled by more than 100 horticulturists please you with arrangements of water bodies, gazebos and bridges. Visit anytime, the presentation of plants will always vary.

7. Indoor roller coaster at Circus Circus:

Have you ever thought if there could be an indoor roller coaster? You can witness a superb ride on one roller coaster at Circus Circus hotel. This amazing and adventurous roller coaster offers you a first time feel of enjoying a ride within a covered area. This is a great attractions to all from children to adults.

8. Date with sharks:

A predator based aquarium which involves sharks, piranha, giant rays, green sea turtles, rare golden crocodiles and many more. This aquarium also has some fascinating creatures; experiencing them will be enjoyable. A rare experience not only at Las Vegas but also elsewhere.

9. Blackjack in water:

Hardrock Hotel offers you an amazing way of playing at Blackjack tables. You can play your whole game in water pool with you dealer. This is quite a cool experience which is not offered elsewhere.

10. Volcanic Eruption – The Mirage:

Last but not the least. The Mirage, a well known luxury hotel has built a live volcano. Experience of this volcanic eruption is fabulous and eye catchy. This is the reason why every eye (even at nearby hotels) is glued to view this magnificent and breath taking view. If you are in Las Vegas, do not miss this!

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