Eating Out In Vegas

An often overlooked, yet essential element to the experience of a casino is the chow. The city’s casinos have a variety of buffets and joints to offer its tourist population. Cities like Las Vegas, Atlantic and Monte Carlo are revolutionizing their diet.

After an incredible evening of gambling, club hopping and enjoying the Las Vegas nightlife, everyone suddenly realizes that it’s well past midnight and quite honestly, you’re all famished. Where do you head? What kind of food do you want? What is going to be open? Your group predictably stands around throwing suggestions about, not coming to a decision beyond the fact that everybody’s’ starving.

Being the city that never sleeps, “Las Vegas” must have more than a few places to eat at, that are open through the night. Well…You got that one absolutely right!

Well, here are a few of my favorite restaurants that are open at all hours…

Giuseppe’s Bar & Grille

: A great sports bar with a wide variety of Italian and American dishes and homemade dessert. A must have here is the Crusted Chicken Mozzarella which consists of a chicken breast coated with a mozzarella cheese crust, served buy proscar us with linguini in a delectable pomodora sauce.

Grand Lux Café:

The Grand Lux Cafe’s diverse menu offers astonishing variety and choice, with cuisines ranging from typical American and European specialties to Thai, Malaysian and so on. Every item prepared fresh to order in an exhibition-style kitchen. The must have here is the four cheese oven baked rustic pizza, it has Fresh Mozzarella, Parmesan, Romano, Fontina Cheeses and Tomato.

Tommy Rocker’s:

Tommy Rocker’s Cantina & Grill has been serving up excellent food for the last 20 years along with gaming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A must have here is the BBQ Ribs.

Coachman’s Inn:

The Coachman’s Inn is located just a few minutes from the strip, it has been a locals favorite for ages and offers dim lighting, romantic elegance, and comfortable dining. The must have here is the charbroiled Filet Mignon with Béarnaise.

Harbor Palace Seafood Restaurant:

The Harbor palace is located in Chinatown; they have a great and assorted menu, including lobster, squid and abalone. If you like dim sum – this is definitely the place for you!


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