Electric Daisy Carnival EDC an annual electronic dance festival of U.S. has moved to Sin City Las Vegas. Last year in Los Angeles the festival ended with the chaos where more than 100 revellers were admitted to hospital after the fans scrambled to gain access.

The Organizers of the Electric Daisy Carnival EDC were criticized like anything following the event at the Memorial Coliseum and Exposition Park in Los Angeles, which was headlined by Moby.

As per the official reports, many of the fans that injured were caught as crowds rushed the gates and barriers in a bid to force their way into the event, which was attended by 185,000 buy proscar online australia music fans.

The promoters, Insomnia, have since hired Investigative Advisory Group, a consulting firm that has experience creating overall safety and security protocols for large venues, to analyze their current and proposed safety protocols and procedures for the company’s music festivals throughout the U.S.

They also established an ‘18 and older’ policy for all its dance music festivals after a 15-year-old reveller died from a drug overdose at the festival.

Now they are not letting the events of last year’s festival halt plans for a 2011 bash. So 2011’s Electric Daisy Carnival EDC will be held at Las Vegas Motor Speedway tentatively over the final weekend in June.


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