Las Vegas is heaven when it comes to enjoying nightlife. From many features that lit Las Vegas nightlife making it dream visit for many worldwide, is Freemont Street Experience. Freemont Street Experience also called as FSE is a wide display in shape of a canopy at Freemont Street. Height of this canopy is 97 feet that is amazing 27 meters and approximately 1,500 feet which is 460 meters in length; making it highest and lengthiest canopy display anywhere in world.

Freemont Street has given many new startups since receiving casino license. History was good for FSE. There were huge casinos flourishing Freemont Street. Lots of activity would be seen on slots and other gambling businesses until early 1980s. 1980s begun a new era of big investors building up world class hotels and casinos along Strip. Massive structures dwarfed traditional casinos which once were dream casino houses worldwide. As time passed by Freemont Street saw revenue loss day by day.

To get traffic back, businessmen from Freemont Street initiated a $70 million project. This project involved building of Freemont Street canopy. This canopy was so successful buy cheap proscar online that business started to get their initial traffic of players back. Today, 60% of total traffic in Las Vegas can be seen at Freemont Street. There are many casinos and art shows that come under this huge canopy.

A brightly lit canopy built with 12.5 million LEDs glaze the whole canopy with various color combinations. Within the canopy there are 220 speakers that create sound of 550,000 watts. Nightlife is full of lights and sounds. Light and sound shows are presented under the canopy from dusk to dawn. The effect of light and sound created during nightlife is enchanting.

Many visitors all across globe come only to experience Freemont Street Experience. Various art shows like Lucky Vegas, Smoke, Speed and Spinning Wheels, American Freedom and many more based on some theme to empower visitors with information about some events. These shows are so hit that players at any casino alter their game play time to witness one of the best nightlife creations on earth.

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