Las Vegas, the Sin City is all about its Nightlife and Casinos where all go to weed out boredom out of their lives as fast as greased lightning. We know Nightlife & Casinos are the two things that sum up the entire existence of Las Vegas. One wild night from that nightlife is what everybody yearns for at any of the city’s swanky casinos and one might just not come back the same he went in!


Best Nightlife options in Las Vegas are many; you can go with your will. Las Vegas is normally cool in daytime but nightlife in the Las Vegas is the coolest! Perhaps the most fascinating place to be in after dark, Las Vegas comes to life as the sun sets in the horizon. The glitzy show of light and sound dazzles all and can be experienced even miles outside the city. A big hit among revelers, flights to Las Vegas are not so hard to come by as a number of airlines offer air tickets to the destination.

There are number of nightlife options for young, middle-aged and old to experience the magic of Las Vegas ; here is a brief overview of some of the most popular nightclubs in the city.

Jet (The Mirage)

Jet is one of the most popular nightclubs in the region and screams sophistication and class in a high pitch. Located in the Mirage, the nightclub is a classy option that features the very best in the technology, be it cryogenic effects systems, stunning light and laser grids or highly advanced video screens.

Light (The Bellagio)

As the sunlight fades out, Bellagio’s Light turns on and how! It is an immensely popular upscale nightclub that features graceful décor and wonderful music. Light charms the patrons with its huge dance floor, stylish décor and incredible food and drinks. Light is a kind of place where you can experience sophistication and glamour at the same time.

Pure (Caesar’s Palace)

Celine Dion, Shaquille O’Neal, Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf! buy finasteride cheap online Well, these are the people who own Pure of the Caesar’s Palace. No wonder, Pure is the place to be for many in Las Vegas. Inundated with comforts and luxuries, the nightclub plays host to the who’s who from the world’s entertainment fraternity. Fabulous views of the Strip can be enjoyed from the 14,000-square-foot terrace of the club. Pure is one of the main reasons why cheap flights to Las Vegas are so sought after.

Rain (Palms Casino Resort)

Rain offers an electrifying experience to the revellers, who can enjoy a wonderful time under the rain. Bathed in water, light and colours, Rain is a classy nightclub that boasts of latest in the sound and lighting technologies.

Top Casinos in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Strip brims with a plethora of casinos which can turn out to be an overwhelming muddle of flashing lights and cacophony of diverse sounds for any first-time visitor. To the ease the confusion and clear the haze, here is a list of some of the casinos that enchant gamblers to book air tickets to Las Vegas.

Caesar’s Palace

Caesar’s Palace is one of the most well-known Las Vegas Strip Casinos (Hangover, anyone?). Along with excellent gaming facilities and exceptional entertainment venues, Caesar’s Palace also features accommodations and restaurants. It’s a little wonder that people keep coming back to Caesar’s Palace again and again!

Binion’s Casino

Named after Jack Binion, Binion’s Casino is an institution it itself that adds a certain historical value to the place. World famous professionals converge over to the equally famous poker room of this casino to try their luck.

Casino Royale

Apart from being an extremely popular casino, Casino Royale boasts of some remarkable architectural structures. Almost a home to many a gamblers, Casino Royale is a big hit particularly among the older generation.

So the next time, you are planning to experience the nightlife at any lavish Las Vegas casino then you have a gathered list with you. Enjoy the nightlife at Las Vegas…….oh the Sin City….


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